Arcades des Arts

N Zanatta / © Michelangelo Foundation

Discover the worlds of fine watchmaking and excellence in craftsmanship, in an inspiring setting at the heart of Geneva.
Arcades des Arts offers a full and varied programme of activities, including talks, introductory workshops and classes, in a convivial atmosphere.


Change places with a watchmaker! Under the guidance of professionals, this workshop immerses you in the world of the infinitely small. From gears and springs to the escapement and balance wheel, you’ll have the unique opportunity to take apart and re-assemble every part of the UNITAS 6497-1 movement… and experience the thrill of getting a mechanical watch to tick again.

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Afterwork Talks

FHH Academy presents short talks covering a variety of watch-related themes, with dynamic speakers and content that is tailored for all audiences.
Understand a mechanical movement, find out about the latest trends in watches or discover the history of watchmaking and its secrets at one of our talks.

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Fine Watchmaking courses

Fine Watchmaking courses cover key themes in watchmaking. They are divided into 13 two-hour classes and are open to all. Each course introduces a specific theme ranging from technical to general, such as Complications, Materials or Pilot’s & Dive Watches.
At the end of the course, you are awarded a certificate as confirmation of your newly acquired knowledge.

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