“We want Arcades des Arts to become a focal point for watchmaking and craftsmanship in Geneva and throughout the world.”


Arcades des Arts, in the plural

Arcades des Arts, in the plural, because three letters alone can never convey everything an individual is capable of when inspiration takes hold and he or she begins to create.

In this same momentum, the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie and the Michelangelo Foundation invite visitors to discover the many expressions of beauty. By putting arts and crafts in the spotlight, the two foundations remind us how rare and important these professions are. Art in all its forms is the thread that runs through the year-round programme of exhibitions. Seeing them will inspire a new generation to perpetuate these skills and develop this belief in quality and excellence. When we surround ourselves with beauty, we are better able to understand and appreciate it.

“Recognition of beauty is more than simply to contemplate a form; it implies an understanding of a deeper significance. Arcades des Arts wishes to help experts and enthusiasts, as well as the simply curious and young people to discover the hidden sense of the master artisan’s work. In doing so, it aims to highlight the value of their skills and to instil each visitor with the wonder and admiration that enable us to imagine a world beyond what we see.”


A home for excellence

In the heart of Geneva, one of the city’s oldest bridges, Pont de la Machine, joins the two banks of the River Rhône.

On it stands a building, a former pumping station which in the eighteenth century supplied the city’s fountains and certain homes with water. This venerable structure is now the setting for Arcades des Arts, a new institution devoted to the watchmaking professions and craft skills, and to the necessary task of safeguarding them for the future.

This Neoclassical building, on a bridge that is a feat of engineering in its own right, becomes the new premises of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie and the Michelangelo Foundation: two organisations concerned with the preservation of fine crafts and rare expertise. They have relocated together, sharing the space beneath the arches along its facade and united under one and the same name: Arcades des Arts.